Megalopolis Youth Basketball League


First games will be July 23rd with the site TBD.

2011 League Schedule and Announcements – Click Here


Hello and welcome back to season #3 of the “Texas Megalopolis Basketball League”. The area between Houston, San Antonio and Austin (sometimes Dallas) is known as the “Texas Megalopolis”. Since the league participation is exclusively from this area and Smithville is known as the ‘Heart of the Megalopolis’ it seems only fitting we would name the league accordingly.


The league has improved and expanded since its inception in 2009 when charter members Elgin, Smithville and Round Top began playing. 2011 appears to be no different with further expansion in terms of town and teams. I have already received confirmation from all participants from 2010 with the exception of Fayetteville. In addition, I am pleased to introduce Luling (Rene Casares), Bastrop (Donald Williams) and a second La Grange team (Tinnie Gillard) to the league. Of course, I would also like to welcome back Elgin (Chris Esparza & KC Cox), La Grange (Brian Svrcek) and Round Top (Wayne Radabaugh), as well as, Smithville and hopefully Fayetteville.


The league will again focus on skill and team development with an emphasis on strong and equitable competition. While the exact structure and format of the league will change from year to year based on participation and composition of teams and cities, it appears the expansion of cities and teams will drive us toward creating at least two levels of competition for 2011. While these divisions may tend to naturally break down by grade/age, the skill level of the team and NOT the age level will be the determining factor. Our goal is to have highly competitive games at all levels to be sure the boys are challenged to raise their individual and team levels of play.


It appears most towns will field at least one older team of 8th and/or 9th graders and other towns are considering putting together a mixed or younger team(s) to compete as well. Smithville will most likely field two teams (a 9th grade team and an 8th grade team) that will compete in the highest league level and will have teams composed of 6th-8th graders for any levels below this. I am also in talks with a friend from the Dallas area who may bring a group of kids to join us for one weekend during the season. The specifics for the Dallas area team have not been finalized but are a strong possibility and are being discussed and, hopefully finalized, soon.


Cost and refs will again be organized by the home team with each team incurring the cost of one referee per game determined by the host team. This ensures two referees for each game and keeps costs low and equitable for all. All teams are required to wear a uniform top of matching color and each uniform top must contain a basketball number on the front and back of the uniform. We will observe Texas high school basketball rules for all games with all teams expected to impose a ‘gentleman’s rule’, if needed, for any games that become ‘one-sided’. Also, trophies, awards, etc. are not awarded from the league (again, our focus is development) but teams are welcome to buy their own at the end of the season.


Tentatively, we plan on beginning play on Saturday, July 16th and compete on each successive Saturday through August 13th. Also tentatively, Bastrop will host games July 16th and Round Top on July 23rd. Luling is currently trying to locate an available gym for hosting and Smithville will plan to host all other weekends as necessary. Once finalized, locations, schedules and addresses/directions will be posted on the website.


Please email me back to let me know you received this and any feedback is appreciated and welcomed. Have a great week and I’m looking forward to hearing from each of you.



Tay Campbell